healthy kids snacks

Thumbs up. Gobbled up.

By Dietitian Courtney Bates

We found some store-bought snack muffins & bars had a whopping average of 2.7 tsp sugar**. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends reducing free sugars to less than 5 tsp a day for health.

Why settle for these snacks when you can have deliciously healthy treats that are better for your kids? That's why we've created muffins that are not only scrumptious but also contain less than half the amount of sugar than a similar store-bought muffin*.

Our muffins contain less than 1 tsp of sugar, and the sugar is from real fruit with no added sugar from sugar, honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates, which so many comparative store-bought muffins use. With a perfect blend of wholesome ingredients, our muffins are the guilt-free choice for your family!

*Average tsp sugar calculated using 1 serve Coles blueberry mini muffin, Coles banana mini muffin and WOW mini blueberry muffin

**Average tsp sugar calculated using 1 serve WOW mini banana muffin, Woolworths banana muffin bars


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healthy kids snacks

Thumbs up. Gobbled up.

Rethink your kids snacks; Just how many teaspoons of sugar do store bought muffins have versus Grumpy Bums? Dietitian Courtney Bates breaks it all down for us.