Kids baking, school holiday activity

Make baking an opportunity to have fun & learn these holidays

Baking with children is not only a whole lot of fun and lots of mess, but it’s also a secret ingredient for teaching life skills that’ll last a lifetime. The best part of all, everyone gets to enjoy a yummy treat together.


Life Skills Galore:

Cooking is a fundamental life skill that everyone should possess. By involving your children in the kitchen, you're imparting knowledge they'll carry with them throughout their lives. They learn about nutrition, food safety, and the basics of preparing meals from scratch.

Math & Science (minus the stress):

Kids can sneakily learn math through measuring ingredients and science through watching cakes rise or cookies bake. It’s like a tasty science experiment!

Mastering Motor Skills:

Tiny hands get a workout as they handle ingredients, knead dough, and stir batters. These kitchen tasks improve fine motor skills, making your kiddo the master of tiny details.

Building Communication & Social Skills:

We all know that there’s no better place than the kitchen to talk, to connect, and to create warm family memories and traditions. Every family has its own stories, and it’s never too early to involve little ones in sharing in an old tradition (or starting a new one).

Patience and Responsibility:

Baking isn’t all about instant gratification. Kids learn patience as they wait for the muffins or cookies to bake or pizza to come out of the oven. Plus, they’ll take pride in following instructions, tidying up, and being a responsible little chef.


So, these school holidays, grab some Grumpy Bums bake mixes and witness the magical transformation of your kids into enthusiastic little chefs! 


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Kids baking, school holiday activity

Make baking an opportunity to have fun & learn these holidays

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