Kids' Snacks Without The Added Sugar

Snacktime and breakfast that both parents and kids love?
Grumpy Bums has you covered with a range of kids' snacks and cereals that contain no added sugar. Yep, a big fat nada. No refined sugars either. In fact no nasties at all. Just real ingredients, like wholegrains and freeze-dried fruits, put together in an easy peasy, foolproof mix that takes less than 20 minutes to make.
Sweet enough to satisfy any little sugar monster and wholesome enough to kick the guilts into touch.
It’s what we call a sweet victory!

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At Home With Grumpy Bums Products

We've done the hard work for you!

We've created wholesome baking mixes with true ‘No Added Sugar’. There are no refined sugars or sweeteners, just wholegrains and real fruit.

All you need is one bowl plus three common ingredients to bake healthy kids’ treats at home.

Just open the pack, combine the ingredients, mix and pop in the oven.

From kitchen to lunchbox in under 20 minutes!

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overnight oats

Grumpy Bums Overnight Oats

As the Grumpy Bums dietitian I love using their porridges for my overnight oats. They contain wholegrain cereals which are low GI for sustained energy and no added sugar. 
kids eating breakfast cereal, oats, overnight oats

A good breakfast for kids is important - here's how to make it easy!

It can be tough to get kids fueled up in time for school, childcare, or a day of play. But a good breakfast is important. Our resident dietician Courtney is here to spill all the beans!
lunchbox snacks for school, cookies and muffins for kids

Back to school lunchbox inspo

Parents, we know the struggle of packing lunchboxes that kids will love and that are also nutritious. But fear not! We've got your back with some lunchbox inspiration that'll make your little ones excited and which has been recommended by our dietician. 

What Grumpy Bums Are Saying


"Apple and Cinnamon muffins was a success with my girls. Very easy to make and their delicious"

Mosman NSW

Inori (aged 5)

"Thank you mum, its so delicious, can I have another?"

Lilyfield NSW


"Firstly, yum! Super easy and kid friendly".

Leichardt NSW

Charley (age 5)

"They taste delicious! Delish, delish! This is the best muffin I ever tasted"

Leichardt NSW


"They werent hard to do, and they are bloody delicious"

Earlwood NSW


"All the kids had a ball making them and enjoyed them a lot!"