kids eating breakfast cereal, oats, overnight oats

A good breakfast for kids is important - here's how to make it easy!

By Dietician Courtney Bates

A balanced breakfast is so important for fueling our little ones’ brains and bodies with energy and nutrients for the day ahead.  With most children and many adults starting their day with a breakfast cereal, it can be challenging to find breakfast for kids that is not only delicious, but also healthy. 

 As a dietitian, the key ingredient I look for in a healthy breakfast is wholegrains. It also needs to be low in added sugar and sodium and high in fibre. Cereal should be minimally processed so that its a great source of wholegrains.  

Benefits of wholegrains include:

1. Low GI carbohydrates meaning they are digested slowly, leading to a gradual and steady release of energy, providing a sustained source of energy for active kids.

2. Rich in fibre, great for healthy tummies and ensuring a feeling of fullness to help kids stay focused.

3. Source of soluble fiber, important for a healthy heart as helps control cholesterol levels.

Grumpy Bums offers a range of porridges, that are packed with over 90% wholegrain oats and quinoa! They are naturally sweetened with real freeze dried fruits and contain no added sugar and are low in salt, so a great way to avoid a post breakfast sugar slump!

They are the perfect nutritious breakfast that kids will look forward to each morning.


overnight oats

Grumpy Bums Overnight Oats

As the Grumpy Bums dietitian I love using their porridges for my overnight oats. They contain wholegrain cereals which are low GI for sustained energy and no added sugar. 
kids eating breakfast cereal, oats, overnight oats

A good breakfast for kids is important - here's how to make it easy!

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