Put an apple in your kid’s lunchbox and it’ll often come back untouched.

Put in a sweet treat, and well - whaddaya know? It’s gone!

But as a parent, all that sugar gives you the guilts - right?

Grumpy Bums was founded by Food Scientist (and mum) Jo Leontiades, who has 20+ years’ experience in product development, retail and manufacturing in Australia. 

Jo knows the challenges parents face when giving their kids treats. Many products claiming to have ‘no sugar’ are overly processed and often contain sweeteners, sugar substitutes or refined sugars.

Jo set out to create a range of delicious treats for kids with real ingredients, sweet enough to satisfy any little sugar monster but without the added sugar and nasties.

Grumpy Bums offers a range of wholesome bake mix products where nearly everything is included in the one pack. We want to bring families together through baking, one muffin at a time – in a fun, foolproof and convenient way. Baking that is child’s play.

At Grumpy Bums, we believe kids don’t need to be denied sweet treats, so we’re here to give parents healthy snacking options that satisfy without the added sugar. 

Jo Leontiades 

Chief Grumpy Bum